Language is the vessel in which history, tradition and philosophy are carried across oceans and into new generations. We, the people of Oceania, are losing our languages, and with them our unique understanding of the world.

This is due to things like colonization and immigration, but we've found that it's also because of our own misperceptions about the value of our culture.

TideTalk is using technology to break down some of the barriers that prevent us from learning - and thus preserving - our languages.

Our learning tool will feature customizable lessons and a safe, immersive space in which to practice new skills. It will be fun with measured progress, and as you master each lesson, you'll be rewarded with interesting facts, stories and tips - those gems of culture knowledge that really bring our languages to life.

Catch the Vision!
We expect to release our first version of TideTalk early in the new year. Make sure you're on board! Sign up here for TideTalk news & updates, and the chance to help test our language app.

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I have a dream. Let me draw you a picture. 

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