Bring Your Language to Life

The people of Oceania, especially those of us who speak English every day, are losing the ability to speak our native languages. We’re spread out around the world, losing our connections with each other and our knowledge of our cultural heritage. But we’re also online, actively searching for information about our home countries, our histories and our traditions.

For these people, TideTalk is a digital tool that preserves our unique view of the world by effectively capturing and teaching the languages of the Pacific.

Unlike other language learning apps, TideTalk is scenario based and customisable – so you gain vocabulary and sentence structures that are immediately relevant to you. It is also social, immersive and so engaging, you won’t even realize you’re learning.

While you’re learning new language skills, TideTalk also learns about you. The tool not only keeps track of your progress, it also picks up your learning needs and style so it can offer helpful tips and suggest lessons you might like.

Best of all, with every lesson mastered, TideTalk takes you on a journey of discovery through your own culture’s history, art, protocol, traditions and wisdom.

It’s in this way that TideTalk brings your language to life.

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