Mahuki Showcase 2017

Five days later and we’re still coming down from the mad rush that was our Mahuki Showcase, 2017. TideTalk was on show for the hundreds of potential stakeholders who came through our demo hall, and then all eight Mahuki teams pitched their businesses at a beautiful sit-down dinner upstairs at Te Papa’s marae.

I’m so proud of the TideTalk team. Koni had everything sorted, including me (because, professional makeup artist!) and I just love how our newer team members fell into the crowd-schmoozing like seasoned pros. And then we had our t-shirts and shell necklaces and the mock-up of our app on display, and then we met soooo many fascinating people!

It’s been such a privilege for TideTalk to be nurtured for the last few months by the Mahuki program. These guys went big for us at our Showcase event. The amount of thought and preparation that went into making it such a special evening was really impressive.

I feel so honored to have shared the pitching stage with my friends and fellow entrepreneurs – Holly Norton from Collaborate, John Gelbolingo from Local Flair, Jaemen Busby from SimplyFi, Chris Lipscombe from ContinuX (Morph), Wei Jian Leong from ScimitAR, Jesse Armstrong from Vaka Interactiv and Brian & Phil from I Want to Experience.

I was more nervous and emotional than usual with this presentation. Our pitch includes the TideTalk origin story, so I talked a lot about my family – which always gets me with ‘dem feels’ – but then I saw my team at the back of the room, and all our supporters in the audience, and it hit me just how far TideTalk has come… and how many hands it’s taken to get us here.

With heartfelt gratitude, we’re so excited to take the next steps in our TideTalk journey.

Roll on 2018!

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